Installing ApricityOS

I thought it would be a good idea to start my first roadmap in HPC world with a short guide to install my desktop distribution: ApricityOS.

ApricityOS is a eye candy Linux distribution based on ArchLinux. At the time of this post it is under development and you can download its Release Candidate 2. Fortunately  this distribution is rolling release and you can update to the latest version with only one command.

$ sudo pacman -Syu

This is how looks my Apricity after some basic tweaks.

ZodiacFireworks' Desktop 1ZodiacFireworks' Desktop 2
Figure 1. My Apricity desktop.

To install ApricityOS on your computer download the ISO from here. Is recommendable download the torrent file, and open it with some program like Transmission (for Linux users) or BitTorrent (for Windows users).

After download the iso image, burn it into a DVD or create a bootable USB. In case you want make a bootable USB on Windows I personally recommend to you use Rufus.

If you are a Linux user maybe you prefer make a bootable USB from your terminal. You can achieve the goal following this steps:

  1. Open a terminal to work whit it.
  2. Connect your USB drive to your computer, go to the terminal you opened in the step 1 and run the commnad
    $ sudo fdisk -l

    Check the output and locate your usb partition under the code /dev/sdXY where XY is a letter and Y is a number.

  3. Once you have located your USB, you should unmount it whit
    $ sudo umount /dev/sdXY
  4. Now, that you have your ApricityOS ISO image already downloaded and your USB unmounted, you are ready to copy the ISO Content in your USB with the commnad
    $ sudo dd if=/path/to/your/apricity/image.iso input.iso of=/dev/sdX

    In note that you need to refer your USB by /dev/sdX instead of /dev/sdXY. Wait until the copy is complete.

  5. Now is time to assign a label to your USB using the command
    $ sudo mlabel -i /dev/sdXY ::APRICITY

    Here you need to use /dev/sdXY and be shure to put APRICITY as label because during the process of installation, this media is referenced by its label.

  6. Restart your computer from the commodity of your terminal
    $ sudo shutdown -r now

    And install Apricity.

You can see the installation process details in this video

After installation is complete, we are ready to use and enjoy our Apricity.


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