Installing Fedora Server 24 on a VirtualBox’s virtual machine

Now that we have installed VirtualBox on our PC , is time to start with the preparation of our virtual cluster. The first is install Fedora Server.

  1. Open VirtualBox and click on New Machine button

    Screenshot from 2016-07-18 03-27-03
    Figure 1.

    To make the things easier, select the Expert Mode in the pop-up windows

    Screenshot from 2016-07-18 03-33-27
    Figure 2.
    Screenshot from 2016-07-18 03-33-33
    Figure 3.
  2. This machine will be the master node on our cluster, for that reason @yulwitter name it as MasterVi (our Virtual Master, thanks for the fancy name). Clearly we need to set Type to Linux, and Version to Fedora (64-bit) (or Fedora if you have a 32-bit version). After putting the mane and set the RAM memory to 1024 MB press Create.

    Screenshot from 2016-07-18 03-37-45
    Figure 4

    Select the Expert Mode again, and set the space of the virtual disk in 16 GB, then press create.

    Screenshot from 2016-07-18 03-38-02
    Figure 5
    Screenshot from 2016-07-18 03-38-22
    Figure 6
  3. Before to start our virtual Machine, we need to setup some things. Click on Settings button.

    Screenshot from 2016-07-18 11-46-46
    Figure 7

    In General select the Advanced tab, set both Share Clipboard and Drag’n’Drop to bidirectional.

    Screenshot from 2016-07-18 11-47-24
    Figure 8

    Now go to Storage and select the Empty entry under Controler: IDE. In attributes, click on the disk image and Chose Virtual Optical Disk File. Search your ISO image of Fedora Server and select it.

    Screenshot from 2016-07-18 11-47-47
    Figure 9
    Screenshot from 2016-07-18 11-48-02
    Figure 10

    The final part of this step is make our Virtual Machine available in our network. In the Network menu set Attached to to Bridged Adapter option, then select the name of your network interface, in my case this is wlp2s0.

    Screenshot from 2016-07-18 11-48-24
    Figure 11

    Now we are ready to press Start.

  4. Press the Start button and follow this video to finish the installation.


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