Some Hadoop 2.X testing on a single node Fedora Server 24 cluster

Now we have a clean Hadoop installation ↗ is time of testing and configuration. Our first test is to check if Hadoop is correctly installed and callable, we only need run the command $ hadoop This will print the usage of Hadoop. To operate with Hadoop without difficulties we need to disable ipv6 $ cd [...]


Installing VirtualBox on ApricityOS

After installing ApricityOS ↗, the next step is install Virtual Box on it. To do this task one command is sufficient: $ sudo pacman -S virtualbox-5.1.0-1 virtualbox-host-modules-arch-5.1.0-2 And that's all. After this command is complete you will have a fresh installation of VirtualBox. Figure 1. Fresh installation of VirtualBox on ApricityOS.

Installing ApricityOS

I thought it would be a good idea to start my first roadmap in HPC world with a short guide to install my desktop distribution: ApricityOS. ApricityOS is a eye candy Linux distribution based on ArchLinux. At the time of this post it is under development and you can download its Release Candidate 2. Fortunately  this distribution is rolling release [...]