Installing Hadoop 2.X on Fedora Server 24

Now that we have a fresh installation of Fedora Server 24 ↗ and our virtual machine is LAN-available the next step is install Apache Hadoop ↗ in our virtual machine. In this case, as a requirement of @yulwitter we will working with Hadoop 2.7.1 although the installation steps are essentially the same for 2.X versions [...]


Installing VirtualBox on ApricityOS

After installing ApricityOS ↗, the next step is install Virtual Box on it. To do this task one command is sufficient: $ sudo pacman -S virtualbox-5.1.0-1 virtualbox-host-modules-arch-5.1.0-2 And that's all. After this command is complete you will have a fresh installation of VirtualBox. Figure 1. Fresh installation of VirtualBox on ApricityOS.